General Health Screening

As a population, we are now experiencing a shift towards improved lifestyle habits with increasing knowledge and information about the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep and other healthy lifestyle factors. Average life expectancy is higher and individuals are becoming more health conscious, but an ageing population can also mean a greater burden of injury and disease in later life for some. 

A Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Physician is highly specialised in both primary and secondary prevention of the many lifestyle diseases of the 21st century. Comprehensive, individual screening programs can be performed to identify any current risks to your health as well as any potential risks based on your family history. 

Our screening programs cater for those concerned about a particular health issue that runs in their family, for people wishing to start an exercise program for the first time in their lives or those with concerns about symptoms experienced during previous physical activity as well as those for people who are generally fit and well but wish to investigate the status of their health to fine tune their training and nutrition programs. 

Screening packages are varied depending on your individual circumstances and may include assessments such as a thorough history and physical examination, targeted blood tests, resting and/or stress ECGs, echocardiogram, DEXA body composition scans and strength, flexibility and fitness tests as indicated. Not all tests are performed on site but a follow up consultation will occur with the SEM physician after all the information has been collected and an individualised program can be created to address the needs highlighted by the screening process to enable you to achieve your health goals. 

Exercise is medicine and prevention is better than cure!

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