Masters Athletes

An ageing population combined with a culture of sports participation beyond our twenties has lead to an increase in masters athletes participating in exercise for competition and not just for health. A sport and exercise (SEM) physician is specialised in the care of masters athletes whether you are an experienced competitor continuing your athletic pursuits into middle age, returning to sport after an extended period of inactivity or a regular exerciser who participates in competition sporadically. 

Many medical and musculoskeletal conditions are common to all age groups but others are specifically related to the physiological changes that occur with ageing. Muscle strength and endurance may start to decline, you may be more susceptible to overuse injury and it may take longer for recovery. A SEM physician has specialised knowledge in the assessment and management of injuries common to the masters athlete and an early consultation can help you remain physically active and continue to participate in your sport while minimizing pain and ensuring optimal performance in a safe and healthy way, resulting in longevity of your sporting career and a longer and healthier life. 

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