Travel Tips for Athletes and Business People

Domestic and international travel represents a challenge to both high performance athletes and business travellers who often have to perform at their best soon after arriving at their destination. Jetlag is a challenge for transmeridian travellers and long haul flights also come with the complications of gastrointestinal upset, fatigue and dehydration. There may also be the need for adaptation to altitude or hot or cold climates at the new destination. 

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Physicians are specialists in the management of all factors relating to travel and performance, with many years of hands on experience in the field, travelling to destinations all over the world and being tasked with keeping the athletes healthy and performing well while minimizing the insult of long haul travel on their performance. 

If you are travelling overseas for work, sport or leisure, a consultation with a SEM physician can help you prepare for your upcoming trip, with individualised strategies to minimise the effects of jetlag and fatigue and ensure that you arrive healthy and ready to go at your destination. Tips for heat or cold acclimatisation, preventing and minimizing the affects of altitude and the vaccinations needed for particular destinations can also be discussed with your SEM physician. 

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