Recreational Athletes and Regular Exercisers

Anyone who participates in regular physical activity can benefit from the expertise of a Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) physician; they are not just for elite athletes and sporting teams. Even if you are not a professional athlete, any illness or injury that prevents you from being physically active is worthy of assessment and management by a SEM physician. People often delay seeking advice about their pain or injury, either continuing to exercise with pain or hoping that a period of rest will fix it. In most cases, unless your injury is related to bone stress, just rest alone will not fix it and your pain will reoccur as soon as you return to the previous activity causing pain. In order to make a change in your body, you need to change something! A sport and exercise physician can give you advice on what to change and how to balance your body through stretching, strengthening and other modalities, allowing you to participate in physical activity pain free well into the future. 

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