Elite Athletes and Teams

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians are specialists in the management of both elite athletes and elite sporting teams. The goal of the SEM physician is to provide for the well being of the individual athlete, enabling them to reach their full potential in a safe and healthy way. 

A SEM physician’s job is far more than just injury and illness management. It encompasses things such as:Pre competition medical screening 

Injury prevention programs

Acute and chronic Injury assessment and management

Management of injuries in the field

Illness prevention and management 

Coordination of rehabilitation and return to play 

Performance enhancement through recovery and nutrition 

Management of the effects of travel such as jetlag and fatigue

Prevention and management of environmental conditions relating to athletic participation such as altitude, heat and cold

Advice relating to the use of supplements, medications and other ergogenic aids and the WADA banned list 

Advice and expertise on doping control procedures 

If you are an elite athlete wanting to improve your performance or you have an injury or an illness that is impairing your performance, then a specialist SEM physician is highly trained to get you back to your best and help you achieve those little 1% extras that might be the difference between winning and losing. 

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